Parse HTML/Javascript in C#

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Job Description

**You will be required to sign an NDA.

Need a C# expert who is also an expert in HTML and Javascript. Very important that Contractor have extensive Javascript experience.

I will provide you with a specific website to parse. Contractor will developed a C# Console application that logs into a website user account and mimics a human user. The application then needs to fetch specific data points from the website. This is a javascript-intensive website, so it will require advanced javascript and jquery knowledge in order to figure out the proper requests to pull the desired data.

Contractor should be very familiar with HttpWebRequest and HtmlAgilityPack.

Contractor will need to unescape an obfuscated JS include file and should know how to use Javascript Debuggers like Firebug. You will need to manually debug the website and figure out how it works before you will be able to write C# code to mimic the user.

Please tell me about any similar projects you have done that involves all the required skills. Perhaps most important is an intimate knowledge of Javascript. You may be a great C# developer, but if you don't understand Javascript and JQuery you will be very lost.

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