Expert in Nodejs, sailsjs and mongodb

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

We have developed a very simple backend application using node.js, sails.js and mongodb. It is a generic back-end application for tracking web site statistics. The first usage will be to track information of when, how and where advertisements on are shown.

We have already developed a skeleton application, but wants help with implementing more features as well as going through the current implementation and change or fine tune it.

The first task is to finalize the data access api:s. The data is stored in a mongodb collection that is hosted in the cloud and the (first simple version of the) access api is developed using sails.js. The current implementation only support the standard sails commands for retrieving raw JSON.

What we want help with is:
a) Implement a couple of variations for aggregate functions to get counts that fulfill dynamic requirements (e.g., number of times an ad has been shown per day divided into how it has been shown)
b) Go through current code and shut down Create, Update and Delete since this should be a read only api.
c) Implement credential handling
d) Implement JSONP version
e) Possibly implement version
f) Go through current code and optimize it in terms of performance

The code will be under source control in Bitbucket and the application will be hosted in Heroku.

Please provide us with information about your previous relevant experience as well as cost per hour as well as a rough estimation of the time you think will be reuired.