E-Learning LMS Web design/programmer

E-Learning LMS Web design/programmer


Job Description

Seeking experienced E-Learning developer and web-designer:
There are 31 modules to develop plus presentation and instructions pages. The final product needs to work on PC's,Macs. Pads, White Boards, Mobil devices including Iphones & Androids.

Deliverable's Include but are not limited to:

E-Learning- Development for 31 Modules.
Instructional Video Presentation.
Web Design on LMS Platform. The contractor must have experience working on different LMS platforms and give consultation on the most suitable LMS platform that will fulfill our immediate needs and future growth.
Contractor will be expected to have creative input.
User Friendly Design Is Required.
QA Tested
Animation & Sound Effects.

The voice over MP3 files will be provided along with graphics and completed modules. The developer will need to animate as much as possible. Contractor must make the lessons as interactive and engaging as possible. Character & Text animation required.

Along with E-Learning teachers need option to show Power Point or Print Pdf version.

Must do a complete mock up of web-design. This way we know exactly what the final product will be and avoid any confusion.

Contractor needs to be able to begin immediately.

A sample is required before hiring.

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