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I would like to have an app built for my families small security company, WAS. Can I have a quote please on what it would cost to have this built. On a side note for after reading below, customers can currently view their home security cameras by logging in an app owned by the security camera company. I would like to offer services to customers who we provide our security services to. I'm looking to have something developed similar to the Slomin App or ADT Pulse App.

Andrew Predun


2.1 Pricing Strategy

Pricing of our products must remain initially competitive with our rivals. The WAS App mobile fee would be free.

Free services would include:
•Pay Bills and Check Payment History
•Check New Products, Get a Quote and Referral Bonus
•Pad Lock
•Storage of Passcodes
•E-mail Questions and/or Frequently Asked Questions
•About WAS

Management does however plan to price our in-house services somewhat more than our other competitors to reflect reputable service. This is typical within the industry and can create higher margins.

Charged services would include:
•Live Multi Cam and LIVE ALERTS
•Arm/Disarm My Home

If WAS is able to capture a significant number of newer customers, then management will consider a rise in overall prices to reflect our established unique position.

Target Customers:

Smartphone Owners/Customers: Who utilize app for making payments.

Local Customers/Out-of-town Customers Who seek a mobile security system controllable from anywhere an Internet connection is available.

Highlights of each App Service:

About WAS
History of Company

Pay Bills and Check Payment History

This option allows customers to pay their bills and check payment history. This will cut down on the amount of late payments, and will reduce the task of internal billing/filling.

Ask a Question and Frequently Asked Questions

Customers will have the to option to ask a casual question over the WAS App rather then calling directly. All questions that require immediate attention should be dialed directly to employees.

Pad Lock

The Pad Lock is the storage of passcodes. Through a series of questions customers will be able to store passcodes in the WAS App.

Check New Products, Get a Quote and Referral Bonus

This option will enable customers to look into new products, get a quote and refer customers for a bonus.
Arm/Disarm My Home

The Arm/Disarm My Home option will allow customers to check if they had armed their home after leaving. While away from home customers will be able to Arm or Disarm their alarm system for their benefit.

Live Multi Cam and LIVE ALERTS

Though the WAS App, The Live Multi Cam will enable customers to have a live view of their security cameras. LIVE ALERTS will notify customers when their alarm system is going off. Allowing customers access to check on their security system while away from home. This will allow customers to know when an unwanted or accidental alarm was set-off while away from home or business location.

Additional Info.

Pay your WAS bill online, faster and easier.
View your balances and past transactions
Update your account information
Order deliveries and services.
Schedule an appointment.
Home Security tips.

This application is available to WAS customers who have subscribed to remote services, which include live streaming video and controlling your alarm system. Before using this app you must create your secure user id/password on business site.
Once you have created the secure user id/password you will have the ability to turn your alarm system on and off, view the current status, and access other functions of your alarm system. You can also view live streaming video from the camera(s) installed by WAS. Camera functionality may differ depending on model of camera installed