BIG PROJECT - Ecommerce, Database & Profile Programming Needed

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Okay this is a very big job. If you do not have over 2000 hours and a rating of over 4.8 please do not apply you will just be "hidden" when I skim through who to choose. This is a site that allows users to sign up for the service which allows users to have their own profile page and sell their own music. We will need a cart, database programming and user/profile programming. I have attached here a info page that you can read through as well as all the html that we have done. We will take care of all of the design. Look at every html page and I think that will give you a great idea of what this site needs. They will be using and Paypal for payment options. in the folder attached there is a word doc called "Trak Train Info" that says more about the site

IMPORTANT - I need someone that has a lot of experience in this realm of programming. If you have never done a site like this before please do not apply.

Also, I own and run and I have a lot of work after this. In fact have another big project getting ready to start so keep in mind that if a good job is done on this then I have another job for you.

Do me one favor too guys. I have had a lot of jobs on here and I always get people who say that they can do it at my budget but then once we start getting into it they double the price. Please bid what you can do the project for and really look at every html page and make sure that you can do all the functionalities needed. Also, expect there to be maybe a couple add-ons or extras during the project. I have done a lot of these projects and it always happens. Now depending on the add-on of course I am willing to pay extra depending on what it is. I am a very reasonable guy and I am very easy to work with as long as I am not jerked around.

Skills: paypal

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