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Job Description

We need few extensions to be installed & customized to our two websites:
magmimo_importer: this one has some default attributes
1. we need to add more attributes to the excel sheet, so they will show in the product page.
2. We have different products with different attributes, like watches, cases, etc etc
We need you to make a certain category linked with a certain number of attributes
Like watches linked with, case material, glass material, etc etc
Case linked with case width, length etc etc
Multi Skitter: this is for the sliders
1. Pls keep for the current design. Just integrate this extension
SEO extensions:
Magento Checkout Page:
1. During the checkout page. I wish u to install a paymate payment option. I have a magento website has already installed it. U can copy and paste the code.
Also there will be a small text box added to the checkout page, I have also done it with my other website. You can copy and paste the code.

Pls let me know how many hours you will need to finish the job.
Pls break the hours you need down to each tasks.
For example: SEO extension 1. 2 hours. SEO extension 1. 30 minutes etc etc
Pls be as specific as possible.
I need you to do these with two websites.

Pls fill in the attachment excel sheet, it is the break down of tasks. Pls let me know how many hours you will need for each task.

My budget is 200 dollars for this job. As most of the codes and files you will use have been created in my other website. You just need to find it and use them.

the website u need to copy the code from is:

the two websites need changes are:

Pls review them and give me the estimate as accurate as possible

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