CRM Dynamics 2011 Appointment Booking service

CRM Dynamics 2011 Appointment Booking service


Job Description

I am looking at using the scheduler to create a service within an existing MS Dynamics CRM system version 2011

The service is for booking pest control appointments within a call centre

The service would require, the following process

Set Up & Administration

1. Working days to be split into half-day treatment sessions, current times are 9:00 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 16:00.
2. Appointment slots within a treatment session = 30 minutes.
3. Ability to vary working week between 5 and 7 days.
4. Where working week is less than 7, all treatment sessions for unavailable days to default to null so appointments cannot be booked.
5. Ability to make treatment sessions unavailable for all inspectors without having to change individual inspector default values. This could be a one off treatment session or a regular treatment session each week, e.g. Wednesday morning.
6. Ability to set up number of available inspectors for any given treatment, based on either inspector name or code.
7. Ability to set up set default number of appointments per inspector per treatment session
8. Ability to split appointments between standard appointments, emergency appointments, revisits and late visits e.g. school appointments
9. Ability to change the standard/emergency/revisit/late visit split for a given date range
10. Ability to bulk load default values into the scheduler for a chosen period, e.g. the next quarter
11. Ability to amend ad hoc the number of slots for a number of selected treatment sessions, by allocating individual inspector 0 (zero) slots e.g. where an individual calls in sick.
12. Ability to amend the number of slots for an individual inspector for a given date range e.g. for prolonged sickness or annual leave.
13. Ability to link a given treatment session to a treatment area, comprising a number of logical geographic localities so that when a service request is booked the advisor is presented only with the correct treatment sessions that officers are working in the customer’s area.
14. Ability to move chosen localities between treatment areas and therefore treatment sessions for a specified date range to balance demand at busy periods.
15. Ability to set number of appointment slots and inspectors required for a particular pest type and appointment type, e.g. bedbug revisit is 2 inspectors and a double appointment.
16. Ability to accept appointments based on total slots available for a half day and NOT allocate to individual officers.
17. Number of available slots to reduce as appointments are booked.
18. Cancelled appointments to be available for rebooking.
19. Fully booked days to show as such.

1. Ability to create an appointment within a business workflow for a service request
2. Correct treatment sessions to display based on the locality (ward) of the customer address
3. Display to be tomorrow plus six working days or any other frequency as required.
4. Ability to scroll forward beyond initial dates offered should days be fully booked or not acceptable to the customer.
5. Display to clearly show days with available slots and days that are fully booked, based on relevant treatment sessions for the customers address.
6. Option to display the whole calendar independent of treatment areas so advisors can see the general availability of the inspectors.
7. Correct number of slots automatically allocated for a given pest type
8. Ability to select between standard call, revisit and emergency call.
9. Ability to book initial visit and revisit appointment at the same time, subject to business rules
10. On saving, ability to produce a confirmation for the customer.
11. Ability to edit appointments up to 4pm on the day preceding the appointment, either to change or add information or to move to a new date
12. Ability to cancel an appointment up to 4pm on the day preceding the appointment

13. Ability to remind the customer by SMS or email the day before an appointment, with the ability to automatically generate without user intervention.

In summary:

Customer Telephones call centre
Agent records case and advises customer on charge to come out to treat
Agent advises customer when time is available (This is usally 30 minute appointments from 08:30- 16:30)
Customer chooses date and time slot
This is booked on the CRM system by agent
The system requires to allow for failed attempts to gain access to house, ie customer not in or customer has cancelled.
customer requires to pay for service
Followup calls ie: call takes longer because of more pests

Ideally what I am looking for is a clear documentation of how this could be achieved so that it can be implemented within the clients setup of crm

Microsoft CRM Dynamics 2011

Any Questions please get back straight away


Skills: administration