Video editing and effects

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

We have about 10 x 30 second clips (already edited and cropped) which need to be compiled into a 5 minute video. The clips are all of people being caught stealing and we just want to make a fun top ten 'shoplifter takedown' style video, with special effects and editing.


1. Compile the video clips into one five minute video
2. Add top ten styling for each clip (e.g. start at #10 for the first video on so on)
3. Add a fast paced transition and sound effect between each clip
4. Add special effects where appropriate (e.g. camera zooms in on the action)
5. Add one royalty free backing music track (five minutes worth or more)
6. When there is sound for a particular clip, lower music volume accordingly

Please type 'Royalty' somewhere in the subject line of your application to show that you read all requirements.