Write 5-10 pages on what you wish Americans new about your country.


Job Description

I want to get a wide variety of opinions on what people from all over the world wish Americans knew about their home. From how the people view happiness, to their dreams, to what angers them, what their priorities are, and just about any other information.

I want to collect information from a wide variety of locations and people from all walks of life. Any information is welcome as long as it provides quality insight into life in you city or country.

I would like to get between 5-10 pages of text, enough to be truly insightful and than just casual observations, the more insightful analysis the better.

The essays must be written in English, however it does not have to be perfect English, it can be edited. I am much more concerned about content.

Contractors must provide a first name (can be a pseudonym), age, location and biographical data, such as education level, parents education level and income bracket.