School Timetable Application

School Timetable Application


Job Description

We are from a school in New Zealand, and are looking to develop a simple application for our students in which could give them their timetable and what 'school' day it is.

This app would be quite simple - mainly run off a formula of dates and subjects.

Our school works off the system that each subject (7 subjects) are given a letter - either A, B, C, D, E or F. These letters are arranged according to the date. There are 6 'school days'.

Students would input their timetable on launch of the app and then the application would be able to work out what subjects they have for the day according to the iPhones date settings which would work with the 'school day' information we provide.

I have uploaded some images quickly made to show you what we are thinking of.

We would describe the app brief in more detail if you require.

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