Android App - Price Guide

Android App - Price Guide


Job Description

Need an app that functions as a price guide for collectibles.

Job description:
Allow user to type in description and scan MySQL database for a match, or scan UPC code, if available for match. Show average pricing for various condition grades.

When matched, display photograph of item from database, if available, and any descriptive information that is in the database.

Pricing will be updated regularly, so requires in-app purchasing to renew subscription on a regular basis.

Must be importable to Android Studio. Code must be readable and well-commented.

Error conditions must be accounted for.

If user wants to use Barcode Scanner and not installed, must bring to Google Play to download.


MySQL database will exist on one of my hosted servers. Need help figuring out authentication issues so that someone can't just access the database directly and get the information. Perhaps I need to create a web service on the server side, but then how will it authenticate as coming from the (paid) app?

OS version for Android:
Android OS 3.0 (Honeycomb), Android OS 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), Other or Not Sure

Development of webservices:

Development of graphic design and UI elements:
I need them created as part of this job.

Duration of post production support:
Only when problems.