Job Description

-project currently on Android (4.x) (larger tablets not small devices)
project is currently in a -very early stage- of development but what is there is very functional / operational and pleasantly (but not perfectly) bug free.

-Arduino interaction via bluetooth

-Will need an ipad version of it (not now but as things progress).

-All operational data comes and goes from bluetooth (bi-directional).

-Later there will be some wifi / internet which will be for updates to app and firmware updates.

-Bluetooth data i/o is fairly simplistic: a string of (about 20) characters containing relevant data. to be recorded. and recalled later.

-Data to be assembled into an industry standard file format. and exported (currently we are thinking email but that may change)

-Interaction with arduino board (really not your gig unless you really want it to be...) is the prime directive. What is there is currently is very small but that too will grow as things progress. Data set will grow and is written to be (display) platform agnostic. (ie doesn't matter whitch is used) use with Android or iPad must be interchangeable.

-later use python for graphic visual display.

-Application GUI to be V E R Y minimalist:
Numbers / Charactors / some function icons. a few scrolling lists.

simple idea:
1) Give commands to Arduino.
2) Get data from arduino.
3) record data sets in a simple data base
4) recall data sets and write it to a .dxf file
5) display what you have recorded with python graphic lib