mention my app on FML or other major popular app/website/blog

mention my app on FML or other major popular app/website/blog


Job Description

This is a job for the ultra short story writers - basically a sentence or 2. if you are not familiar with FML - that is their website and they also have apps for apple and android

About the job:

I have an app , it is called "UN-Pick Up Lines" that i want to get mentioned on at least one of those FMLs - links to my app please check it out.

Apple version

Android version

So i need you to create short message and get it published containing my app's name . i don't care what it says or in what category it gets published as long as the words "UN-Pick Up Lines" and "app" are in it .

the problem here will be not to come up with a good phrase, i tried a few myself - mine was something like

"Today my boyfriend has been talking to me with nothing but phrases from that "UN-Pick UP Lines" app , i can't stand this anymore....FML

BUT to get it published .You might have to resubmit again and again. as i said it can be on any subject as long as my app's name " UN_-Pick Up Lines " is plugged in - we have a deal:)

About the pay - you can try and submit as many as you wish, if 2 or 3 or more people submit and get published - even better , you will all get paid . As long as this job posting is visible it means i need your smarts:)

So here is the pay schedule - when it gets published you will get $10 , then in 1 week from the day of the publishing i will check the website /app and will add the number of "I agree you life sucks" and " you deserve it" and for every 10000 combined ( i don't care which one is more) you will get another $10 - example 43000 " I agree.." + 18000 " you deserve it" is 61K so you get extra $61 .

If you are familiar with the FML app or just check for yourself will see that 40-50K is about the average for a week , but the better your FML is the more money i will pay:)

P.S. I'm giving the example with the FML app/ website because that's the one i'm familiar with and use - if you know a similar one and what to give it a try there - send me a message and if i find it popular enough we will make a deal for that website or app.

I have a total of $500 budget for this campaign and i'm pretty serious to get this app popular . so check my app , see what it is all about and give me your thoughts. as long as the words "UN-Pick Up Lines " are in your post/ tweet/message -we might have a deal. if the URL to the app market can be plugged in - even better. So any exposure - app, website , blog , Tweeter , Facebook is welcome! As long as it will be viewed by 30K ++++ people a week in the USA, Canada or UK - contact me . i don't want to buy an add on your blog or website - i prefer casually mentioned and/ or recommended by you post of my app.

thanks for reading all that - i really didn't want it to be THAT long....

Skills: facebook

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