Sales Person 3 with Lead Generation experience

Sales Person 3 with Lead Generation experience


Job Description

We are an online immigration company helping people live and work in the U.S. We are looking for a highly motivated Sales person to join our team.

The position requires a highly organized person who can effectively manage work independently, communicate very well and has strong computer/internet knowledge.

The person must be able to make sales calls and have a strong grasp of the English language.

High Performance Sales tasks
- Make customer survey calls to fulfill on company goals
- Perform web research and generate leads list via web research
- Make sales calls to close deals and generate revenue
- Write emails to respond to lead inquiries
- Opportunity to generate commissions if meeting targets
- Sign up affiliates to refer our products and services

Manage Sales process
- Knowledgeable with CRM and how to use it effectively
- Manage the sales email inbox, responding to questions
- Able to organize time and follow up with open leads and convert them.
- Manage the client case system (CRM), ensuring inquiries are forwarded correctly, cases are moving forward to completion and raising alerts as needed.

We are looking for someone with the following skills:
1. Must speak and write English.
1b. (optional but desired) Can speak and write Tagalog.
2. Be persuasive and have good communication skills
3. Experience with immigration is highly desirable
4. Able to identify markets and opportunities to pursue presenting our products in the Philippines.
5. Must have a computer with MS Office and high speed internet access.
6. Must be able to have Skype voice calls and speak English fluently.

It's important you are willing to become familiar with various U.S. immigraition visas: TN Visas, Marriage Visa, Adjustment of Status as this will improve your ability to sell and provide support.

1. Please respond with the following:
2. Your resume
3. A recording of you speaking the following: "Hi my name is <say your name>. I would like to speak to you about one of our services. Do you have any questions that I can help to answer?"
4. Are you able to work on your own? Do you currently work on your own?
5. How do you spend your day? (Explain your 24hrs)
6. What type of computer do you have?
7. Have you ever used a CRM before? If so, which one?
8. When making cold calls to generate sales, what is important for you to do so you make the sale?
9 Are you available for 20 hours each week during U.S. working hours? This will increase to 40 hours/week if you are performing well.
10. What type of internet connection do you have and what is the speed of your internet connection?

Thank you

Skills: english, research

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