AIR (GDS) / HOTEL / CAR / ACTIVITIES XML Integration Engineer

AIR (GDS) / HOTEL / CAR / ACTIVITIES XML Integration Engineer


Job Description

Here at Cheapesto, we ask each of us to own a piece of the puzzle and solve while encouraging individuals to succeed, communicate their ideas, and take action. When you work here, you know your contributions will have a direct and immediate impact on the business. We are serious about creating and maintaining a company culture that is both innovative and fun, and we're looking for great people to come join our team. As an ambitious start up we are looking for individuals who can hit the ground running on day one, who are hands-on and often think outside the box.

We are looking for an experienced travel engineer with expert knowledge of web services API for at least one GDS, preferably Amadeus. You must be an awesome engineer who can write elegant code, knows when to worry (and when not to worry) about performance, and follows software development best practices including test-driven development, code reviews, and documenting. Although you can start immediately to work remotely, you must be willing to eventually transition to live close by and work out of our offices in HSR layout. Remote work possible only with one in a million type engineer with outstanding reference.


• Working under our head of technology will take the ownership of Travel technologies and related applications with ownership of the transactional back end development.
• Develop native inventory aggregation product while formulating rules and logics from scratch by aggregating various travel content directly from the sources.
• Build extensive business logics for authenticating and curating content.
• Support ATPCO fare loading and mid- and back-office functionality (queue processing, ARC reconciliation, merchant account reconciliation, and accounting system integration)
• Understand the travel business environment in all countries where we want to be live in 6 months


• Strong academics, high ambition and serious willingness to be somebody
• Passion for building large scalable systems
• Worked for both an OTA (online agency) and a GDS (Amadeus, sabre) or an e-commerce company (amazon, walmart labs, flipcart etc)
• Knowledge of programming languages used to build consumer commerce companies with heavy emphasis on speed of rendering
• Strong XML integration experience
• Must be hands-on with a few open source and most commonly used scalable programming languages and databases such as Python, JSF, Mongo DB, MySQl etc.
• Acquainted with and experienced in building a Dynamic Packaging Engine which will include a deeply integrated travel related product from air to hotel to activities.
• Familiarity with various travel technologies, such as PASS XX/1 XML Application Server, ITA QPX, or EZYield, Everbread, Vayant
• Understanding of mid-office and queue management; understanding back-office, travel accounting, and ARC/ BSP reconciliation using systems, such as Trams or Travcom and the likes
• Experience in developing and optimizing airfare search, booking, refund, cancellation, and exchange capabilities through Amadeus GDS;
• Experience in building a Multi-GDS solution for airfare; add hotel bookings (through GDS, affiliate partners, channel managers etc)


We make decisions fast around here. So, can you deliver awesomeness? If so, drop us an email. No worries if you do not have a resume. Just send us the linked in profile and tell us why you stand out from the crowd. Here is how you get in touch – jobs @

Skills: amazon, rendering, management