Apple iOS developer for super small task


Job Description

Hello everyone,
As you know Apple launched Tech Talks , so what happens is, you go the url, sign in with your dev account.
You click apply, and then you'll have 2 options to apply:

1)Under your name
2) under a minor name

You need to choose the second one, and enter the name that i will provide.
Apple then will send a confirmation letter, and decide wether I'm accepted or not before a weeks or so of the event. (You'll have to tell me then)

YOU CAN APPLY ONCE FROM the same developer account!
There's still only TO 10 AM CUPERTINO TIME!
So it's a matter of hours!
I will pay 5$ per submission

Once i hire you i will provide the info for registration!
It Takes 1 minute only for the whole thing to be done!

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