Whiteboard Illustrators/ Storyboard Artists required:

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

Need a Whiteboard Illustrators for a long-term. I'll be providing the script along with the style and quality to match the drawings. This will be done by providing a reference video for each script. please find below following references we'll be providing for you to work upon:

http://goo.gl/aEmgP (Stunt Buxx)
http://goo.gl/3ObLX (Scotia Bank1)
http://goo.gl/VHJNt (Scotia Bank2)
http://goo.gl/6Wm5L (Scotia Bank3)
http://goo.gl/C1NXG (Insurance)
http://goo.gl/fKfsd (Appraizix)
http://goo.gl/WsZQ6 (Dr. Charles)
http://goo.gl/U7Cty (Graphene)
http://goo.gl/eKS2I (BPM)
http://goo.gl/0My7W (Seattle Roofing)
http://goo.gl/pQBZH (Ding-a-Deal)
http://goo.gl/GT79g (Chalkboard Rental99)
http://goo.gl/wi05U (Len Invitation)
http://goo.gl/o0LWa (learn create)
http://goo.gl/1SrlI (Grand Persuit, Sofia Nasser)
http://goo.gl/yVIyy (Arenamation)
http://goo.gl/okKf3 (Edustruct)
http://goo.gl/SzhaX (Alkaline Salesletter)

These are all the styles you need to need to match up with the provided script. Please only bid if you think you can do this as we'll be hiring you for a long-run and we'll be offering projects depending mainly upon your production capacity. It can be 15-25 projects monthly but need a high quality work.

We'll be short-listing talents first whom we think can meet the exact similar quality styles as we have in the video and then will send them them the contract.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Skills: video, vector-graphics