Big Data Scientist / Analyst


Job Description

I am starting a consultancy service for Big Data solutions/insights for B2b mid to large sized organizations. This position requires a Data Scientist who is a Big data geek, someone with entrepreneurial flair, the candidate must be multi-talented in a number of disciplines.
A data scientist represents an evolution from the business or data analyst role. The formal training is similar, with a solid foundation typically in computer science and applications, modeling, statistics, analytics and math.
A data scientist is somebody who is inquisitive, who can stare at data and spot trends. It's almost like a Renaissance individual who really wants to learn and bring change to any organization using data as a weapon.
The candidate must preferably be able to program in different programming languages such as Python, R, Java, Ruby, Clojure, Matlab, Pig or SQL. They need to have an understanding of Hadoop, Hive and/or MapReduce.
Job description:
• Natural Language Processing: the interactions between computers and humans;
• Machine learning: using computers to improve as well as develop algorithms;
• Conceptual modelling: to be able to share and articulate modelling;
• Statistical analysis: to understand and work around possible limitations in models;
• Predictive modelling: most of the big data problems are towards being able to predict future outcomes;
• Hypothesis testing: being able to develop hypothesis and test them with careful experiments.
• Brainstorming creative big data services to large organizations
• Basic web design / development
• Basic marketing

Please send me your most up to data Resume/CV and LinkedIn profile with relevant past experience portfolio.Thanks

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