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Please read the below request carefully, if you have a portfolio of relevant works and are able to complete the job with full guarantee then apply.

The job must include a guarantee and a service level agreement for atleast 60-90 days for support incase there are errors, bugs or issues.

Facebook app and complete pages development on facebook for shopping cart, newsleter sign up, contact, fan pages. The most important aspect is the facebook app itself which needs to do the following functions: User lands at facebook page and needs to allow access / connect to the facebook page and allow us to be able to post on their behalf (legally using facebook guidelines)

1. user must be able to import facebook photo from profile photo or album OR upload a photo
2. the photo will be manipulated and changed to outline of cars, user will be able to select from different cars, colours, styles
3. the new photo will then be able to have the options of upload to profile cover photo on facebook, upload as a cover photo on twitter,
4. before any function the user must 'Like' to continue
5. the users photo will then be saved and option to download as well
6. if the user decides to post on wall or twitter - or anywhere then the clients logo and some text will also go with that image
7. the users wall will get updated with a custom status message
8. our facebook wall will get updated with a custom message
9. user will be given option to click and send to friends and enter into a competition
10. user joins our database (data recording)
11. user gets an email saying that they have registered

on the facebook page itself
1. new background images
2. timeline background
3. shopping cart page (does not need ecommerce facility only product reservation)
4. newsletter sign up page
5. see other users registered
6. company profile page
7. products page
8. customer testimonials

I need all the above created, will suit a small facebook specialist team with designer and developer with full portfolio, if you do not have a portfolio of works in the relevant areas especially with image collage making, then you will not be considered.

Looking forward to recieving positive feedback and enquiries.

The project has a fixed price of $600 with a $100 bonus payment for successful delivery.



Reference sites:
please see attached image for the kind of effect of what happens when someone uploads a photo (before and after)

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