Mobile (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile) Application


Job Description

PROBLEM: If you have kids, you know that they will catch every available minute to play games on your mobile device these days. This will only result in 1) less time to study, thus bad academic performance, 2) less time to play real sports, thus bad health including bad eyesight, 3) less time to social, with all the violent games out there, your kids can develop all kinds of bad behavior and personality.

SOLUTION: My application will be loved by both you as parents and your kids because it won't take away games from your kids, but instead let you monitor them with what they play and how they play. The application can even educate your kids WHILE they play games with whatever the subject you want them to study, including math, science, reading, and you name it. The bottom line is that playing games and academic learning does NOT have to be two separate things. The best solution is to let your kids do what they love to do and learn things at the same time.

SWOT ANALYSIS: There is currently NO application (based on last time I checked on App Store on 05/30/2013) that is even close to this one, so this application will be the first to the market. I have also some great ideas to keep competitions in the rear view mirror once they see our success and start to copy the ideas. This application can even be tied to grade school education, media publication, and more. The opportunity is endless and competition is none.

REQUIREMENT: The application should be cross OS platforms thus devices, and will be developed in different phases and modules. I will personally finance the whole project, thus don't expect to become a millionaire over night. The return will be in the acceptance of the application by parents and kids over time and any future opportunities that may arise. The initial fixed budget of $500 is for proof of concept phase, thus an individual or a small team of expert will work out better

Thank you and hope hearing from you soon.