graphic design from stock photos

graphic design from stock photos


Job Description

to get pictures of 4 different sized trucks and layed out similar to the 4 different
sized trucks in bottom left side off this attachment. then they will need to be cut up and re sized
so they can be put on web site. What I am trying to do is copy the smart lay out off the trucks in the left
bottom corner where there is a white bat ground and the trucks look like the product discription.The only thing is they have
be different to the truck on the attachment.
I can supply photos but they will need to be photo shopped.
To give you a idea off what I am trying to do the photos will be put on web site on the 'choose your
truck page' if you go to that page and have a look at the blank spaces next to the truck 1. 2. and 3 it might explane.
I am open to hourly or fixed price will pay what ever it takes to get a fast result money is not a problem I would rather pay more to deal with a designer that can get results
If you can do a mock up design or just explain how you will get the stock photos or if I need to supply them.
one other thing you can just get photos from trucks for sale off net or news papers.I can supply photos but it makes the process longer
then will pay deposit upon reiceving mock up then payment on recieving files that are compatible with word press web site.

Skills: design

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