We need a Salesforce Expert with Nonprofit Experience

We need a Salesforce Expert with Nonprofit Experience


Job Description

We are a small non-profit foundation in California. We use Salesforce to keep track of donors and volunteers. The person who was doing all the technical Salesforce work for us has gone to work somewhere else. So, we are looking to build an ongoing relationship with someone who is an expert in Salesforce to act as a consultant.

You MUST have experience working with nonprofits. We would probably only need you for a couple of hours a week, to answer Best Practices questions and provide How-to training. Quite likely, we would have an occasional random question for you, and would pay you for how much time you need to answer the question.

I'm not sure exactly what skills are needed. And, the oDesk interface only offers me "salesforce-app-development" and "salesforce-apex" as choices. My expectation is that you would understand all the Force tools and their applicability to what we do. You would also understand the requirements and best setup for a nonprofit as opposed to a sales-based company.

Thanks for reading!