New 6U rack mounted server, workstation, network and KVM over IP in one

New 6U rack mounted server, workstation, network and KVM over IP in one


Job Description


We are currently looking for someone with the capabillity to design and produce tecnical drawings for a office in a box solutions. This may be several persons collaborating or a company designing.

We are looking to merge rackmounted server chassies, storage with workstations and kvm over IP transmitters. the equipment we use today is Supermicro and HP rack servers both blade and rack, we user Supermicro microcloud servers as workstations and adderlink dual KVM over ip to manage workstations. in addition to this we use Cisco 3750 switches for core network.

our goal is to place 4 physical servers, 8-10 workstations, 24-32 hotswapable HDD´s in SAN 8-10 adderlink KVM over ip transmitters and a 48 port switch into one chassie of 6U.

This technology exist today, but not in one box, and we see that we most probably would need to manufacter some of this equipment ourselft.

therefor we need to team up with electrical engineers, CAD technical designers, product designer, Hardware specialistets and server specialistb, both in the hardware server, Storage, network.

this product would need to reverse engineer some of the components, and we would need to aquire licenses from adder inc to manufactore our own KVM transmitter cards to fit into the device. also we want tu create higher performance workstations with dedicated graphics card, example a low profile NVIDIA or AMD/ATI card. a socket for these workstations should be design to house, motherboards with components and graphics card. internal connectors from workstation to the KVM transmitters also needs to be designed.

this is an ambitious project, and we hope to establish a team to be able to provide the needed technical drawings and correct hardware setup for a potential manufacturer

Skills: drawing, technical, networking, solutions, storage, servers, computer, engineer, hardware

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