Wordpress expert needed (configuration)

Wordpress expert needed (configuration)


Job Description


I want to set up of a directory site where businesses or freelancers can be listed and contacted using a already purchased plugin. This website should include the entire thing: destination landing pages, profile management, payment plan, faceted search. I hope most of it is covered in the plugin I purchased.

The job:

I am not asking you to set up the entire site and make a consumer ready product!!!

To kick this off I have set up a first checklist to see what the right plugin(s) would be for me and if I bought the right one. I have already purchased a plugin that had good reviews (SabaiDirectory) and should facilitate most of the features I am looking for.

Since I don't know too much about Wordpress and its plugins, you will try to configure Wordpress with the SabaiDirectory plugin to meet the checklist in the attachment.

If SabaiDirectory doesn't turn out to be the right plugin, at least you will have a good understanding of what I am looking for so we can define the next steps to come to a winning setup and actually configure the site.

So again, this job is initially mainly a configuration/research assignment and not yet a development assignment, but that will come after.

That's it. Looking forward to get in touch with you!

Best regards,


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