3 x eBay API dev (C#, php .VB) for Magento's SQL

3 x eBay API dev (C#, php .VB) for Magento's SQL


Job Description

1 ) Connection in C#, or PHP or VB.net based 3 existing eBay API (getitem & Trading API, ) onto sql /magento & register the new API with ebay after.(to unlock server calls)
The API will scan ebay for listed product stock (quantity, price, avialbility, lead time for delivery, multiple choice item stock), & update magento SQL search for re-listed product as well It is all exisiting just need to connect to DB My databas has already 450 ebay product this will need to have stock update
I dont want new development of new product , use what isalready existing on ebay site and

2) Script that download CSV from supplier site, serach for SKU & stock then update my sql inventory
NO PART TIME JOB i dont accept people that are doing this on the side at night or weekend the lead time is 9 days max

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