Fun, whimiscal image for our hunting lodge


Job Description

Looking for an image to represent our hunting lodge. Sort of a logo, but it will not include our name. Essentially I want a fun, whimiscal image to put on t-shirts and such.

Our hunting lodge is for deer and wild turkey hunting. I'm thinking a color image that has some similarity to the attachment below would be good. A bit more professional if you will, but I like the idea of an angry (in a cartoon way) deer and turkey looking at each other. If it works, maybe the deer has a bow and arrow, and the turkey has a shotgun pointing up next to him.

In the image, there's balloon words over their heads. Dont want that. Also, I'd like full bodies on each animal...or, at least through their chest. Not like the image which is just the head.

The turkey can look like the 'wild turkey whiskey' turkey, but again more cartoon like.For the deer, if you google 'rack rubble deer' you'll see a deer I think looks good. I dont like the smoke out of the nose, and I'd prefer the deer facing the other the deer on the left looking right, and the deer on the right looking left into the deer's eyes.

Overall, looking for a fun image, professionally done. I may have a couple versions, one with our cabin name either circling the image, or below...but I need the graphic image first before thinking about secondary images. I'd have those be separate jobs.

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