Build a parking ticket estimator for San Francisco

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Job Description


I'm a professional programmer with too many ideas and not enough time! I would like to hire you to develop the idea detailed below. My time is precious so be aware up front:

* You should be able to complete a working, useful website with the information provided.

* You should be ready to iterate on your design and add new features based on my feedback.

* You should be able to explain the technical operation of the site and be ready to transfer complete ownership and control over to me when I decide the project is finished.


I'd like to build a simple web app that will calculate the chance that you will get a parking ticket at any address in San Francisco, California. The estimate will be based on actual records of parking tickets. All the data is public. See for example this article based on the same data: .

A secondary, more basic function, will be to tell you what the parking laws are at any address, also inferred from the same data.

The essential user flow should be:

1) Open the website via variety of sources: web search, mobile browser, blog posts, etc

2) Read a brief description of the benefit and methodology:
"Calculate the chance you will get a parking ticket at any address in San Francisco. Or just find out what the parking laws are at any address. Based on public records of actual tickets."

3) Enter the information necessary for the calculation: address. Enter optional information for a more specific estimate: time of day, day of week.

4) Hit "chance of ticket" button or "tell me the laws" button. See results on a new page. Tickets results are presented as: "123 tickets were issued within 10 meters of 2140 Taylor St on Friday mornings between 10am and 11am in 2012 while that address was patrolled 678 times. Based on that information, there is a 33% chance you will get a ticket if you park illegally at the same address at the same time of day and same day of week." Results of the laws say: "In 2012, the top reason for a parking citation within 10 meters of 2140 Taylor St on Friday mornings between 10am and 11am was STREET CLEANING. The second most common reason was NO RESIDENTIAL PERMIT."

Existing infrastructure:

I have already loaded all necessary parking data for into a postgres database and I have already written the SQL queries to return the results described above. You can see the output on a map here: .

At some point I will set up the database on an internet server or else I can give you a dump so you can do it. In the meantime you can build the website with fake data or just a single static result.

Logging requirements:

All user actions on the site should be logged with Google analytics.

The actual values entered for address and other variables should be stored as well, in Google Analytics, or a MySQL or Postgres database, or both.

Code requirements:

All code must be developed in a repo in my private account on Github that will be provided.

All frameworks used should be open source, well-documented and popular, such as Django.

Code should be well-organized, easy to read and generally maintainable.

Skills: design