Vector Graphics Illustrator


Job Description

AbZorba Games is a mobile games studio (Android & iOS) seeking a skilled and experienced graphic designer in Adobe Illustrator, to help build assets (components) for in game avatars, characters and fun items to engage our gamers.

Specifically, our games have an in-game Avatar Builder, where gamers can select and buy clothes/hair/outfits accessories etc to create their personal character . This Avatar Builder, already has a library of assets, but we want a new pack new "heroes" and characters.

technically the logic of our Builder, and the 'zoom' option, dictate all graphics should be made in vector format; all assets (clothes, hair, the characters themselves, etc.) must be made in .SVG format which has many limitations on effects and filters - the assets can not be made ​​with anything else, but consisting only of outlines/boxes with gradient colours. But, at the same time, the result must be photo-realistic.

The skills required for the candidate, are as follows:

● High level with experience and talent in Adobe Illustrator
● Professional punctuality in the dead-lines
● Good knowledge of speaking/writing English

All candidates showing interest, should send their CVs and of course samples of their work.
Will be asked a sample (on the subject of the project)

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