Need programmer to create easy Joomla 2.5 component

Need programmer to create easy Joomla 2.5 component


Job Description

So I need component for joomla administrator page which allow to edit/append customers database.
So now I has RsForm component installed which help to receive orders from customers. All orders stored in JoomlaDatabase.
I need

1. to create one more table to store customers data. (CUSTOMER_TABLE)
2. After customer do order I need it be stored not only in RsForm component database but also in new one table (need to do some changes in RsForm component code to do that)
3. Joomla Administrator should be able in CUSTOMER_TABLE edit/add/remove customers
4. CUSTOMER_TABLE should contain not only fields from RsForm but some additional fields too such as "Note", "Order Date", "Order end Date" and others (field list I prepare later)
5. If "Order end Date" > NOW() that customer should be shown with some notification icon or colored by some color
6. Export button to export all customers table to csv file
7. Sorting by click on column header
8. Search by field value (optional if it too hard to realize or extremally increase work price notify me)

I can't give you any access to my webpage. You should prepare extension and just give me it to install via joomla administrator panel.

If you speak Russian you can write me on Russian language too.