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Crazy idea:

I'm giving a speech to a group of people in 3 weeks about how do to their jobs well.

Thing is .. some of them are "type a" and others "type b" and so on .. and depending on their strengths/personalities .. they are going to need to structure their work differently.

I'd like to set up a personality test for them .. something similar to MBTI and/or Strnegthsfinder 2.0 .. but with some industry specific questions. Then when we get to the conference, I will present the results (from ~ 500 attendees) and a summary of general "types" of folks in the room - with broad guidance for each type on how to structure work/roles/relationships.

This needn't be a perfectly valid instrument. Ideally - 10 - 30 questions .. with some easy to interpret results.

I'll help generate some questions - but we should also borrow liberally from other instruments where legal/appropriate.