Job Description

don't send me big letter , please answer the questions
so i will know you are not sending automaticly
the job is helping advertise
in facebook / linkdin groups and more smm
you need to be good in learning new things and new methods
know English , excel , linkedin , and other smm
creative with writing, dont do automatically
and makes reports
before we start you need to know few things and answer
1. you must have headphones (no need for microphone)
so you can listen ' what im saying - you are not talking
you will type on the chat on skype .(this is the method im working)
do you have headphones? or speaker so you can listen?

2. what is your work hours , when are you on-line for talking and working?
your city time (write the city and the time near by)
and the hours for example 12pm - 8pm (only example)
i need to know when i can speak with you on skype
3. preper your self to take notes when we are doing meetings (pan and paper)
after the chat/talk you will need to sand a summery in your words not mine
so i can see that you understand the project and missions
thank you

Skills: linkedin, facebook, english

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