Determine supplier and cost of stepper motor and lead screw

Determine supplier and cost of stepper motor and lead screw


Job Description

I have extracted stepper motor and lead based linear actuators from within standard desktop CD ROM drives as shown in this video
and these images

The stepper motors are about 15mm diameter and about 11mm tall.
The shaft diameter is about 3mm.

Nanotec supply these motors but don't have similar shafts.

Various CD ROM drives have similar types of stepper motors. Shaft length varies. There are no identifiable markings on the motors to indicate the supplier or origin.

Two deliverables:
I require the identification of a UK supplier or distributor that would supply these motors with lead screw. I don't need any of the supporting metal that you can see in the video or images. I just want the motor and lead screw pre assembled without a coupling which means that the lead screw must be part of the manufacturing process and built into the motor core.

You also need to provide me with official estimates from the suppliers you find.

Please only apply to this post if you have experience with these motors and shafts.

Payment will be made upon confirmation from the relevant suppliers you provide.