PHP Job Board


Job Description

Develop a Job Board in PHP. Broad outline of the project is as under.

1. Design of the website (CSS3, Graphics, UI, & UX)
2. Write back-end code in PHP as per the business logic
3. MySQL Optimization
4. Deploy on a VPS

Other requirements;

1. Looking to work with a company which can deliver all aspects of the project
2. CSS3 needs to be bullet proof.
3. PHP code quality needs to be top notch
4. We want a simple utilitarian design so JavaScript can be minimum.
5. Proper documentation is a must.
6. Contractor should have great communication skills.
7. Project has to be completed in timely manner. This is very important.
8. Once the project is underway I will be available for discussion from 6:00 AM till 8:00PM (India time).

I have deliberately left out many details. When I am interviewing the contractors I will touch upon the missing points.

If you have read this document carefully then respond by including "Ad Astra Per Aspera" in your reply.

Take care