Carpooling website for Dominican republic


Job Description

I want to create a website for dominican republic about carpooling, see, in our country there's a huge problem with gas. We need somebody that can program and create the website based on several websites online, erideshare, zimride, carpoolworld, etc, the idea is to create a website where people just go online, create a profile and can start posting or looking for carpool, I want the website to be social, so it can integrate with twitter or facebook or any other social media, maybe with google maps or any widget that can show the route and have people choose who to contact, we want to make sure that people are able to carpool in a safe way so we would like to ask as much information as possible, so our database will approve the member after checking the info from their ID, this information will not be visible to others, but we will be able to see if is valid or not. This website should have space for the ads and banners, make it social, so people can post it online on their facebook status..

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