Apple and Android Data Display Project

Apple and Android Data Display Project


Job Description

I am the owner of an App which is available on the Apple App Store and also on the Google Play (Android) store.

This app is called Masjid Timetable.

The core functionality behind this app is that, it takes data from a MySQL database on my server and it displays that on the app.

I need a complete overhaul and update of the entire system. This means an overhaul to the Apple App and the Android App.

I need new graphics/animation, new layout, and new and improved methods as an update to the current app.

You will need to work with dummy data for the time being until the database is created by my web developer.

Both Apple and Android apps have to look the same.

All the code has to be clean, commented and standard according to the latest coding practices.

To perform this task, you must be able to work with both platforms and you must have access to an iPhone and also an Android phone. The app must work with native resolution on the iPad, iPhone5, iPhone 4/4S and the various Android phones as well.

Since this project consists of 2 sections (Apple and Android), you will need 2-3 teams working on it to finish within 2 weeks.

Although Graphics is minimal, you need to have good graphic creation ability along with animation to display a type of meter.

There are 14 sections to the app which need to be completed within 2 weeks for both platforms.

If your company is able to handle this workload and can guarantee work within deadlines, and is able to offer a professional guarantee, then you may apply and receive intricate details of this project.

I don't work on an upfront basis but I will pay on a milestone basis. A payment will be made upon completion of each one of the 2 sections mentioned above.

Regular progress updates will be required via Skype along with code for testing.

You must also be flexible with small changes or additions along the way.

If you think you and your company has the necessary skills to make a beautiful updated app, then proceed with your application.

I will provide you with the details of the project.

Sky-pe: webkept

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