Mobile app that read info from a web app

Mobile app that read info from a web app


Job Description

We have got a web app (ASP.NET 4.0 not MVC and SQLServer) that manage Strategic Plans.

We want a mobile app compatible with IOS and Android that read info from that web app.

The manager can see some data on the dashboard and send an email message to the employee responsable and previously set for the job if necessary.

Our database have :
Company<--Strategic Plan<--Goals <--Actions<--Tasks

One Company can have many Plans
One Strategic plan can have many goals.
One Goal can have many Actions
One Action can have many Tasks

The Home page ask for the Company, Plan and Year and show all Goals with some info.

The user can click in a Goal and go to a page with all Actions with some info
Then user can click in a Action and see all Tasks with some other info.

In all level (Goals, Actions, Tasks) the manager can send a default email message to the employee.

The user can see only their Company's Plan