Server to Client Mobile App

Server to Client Mobile App


Job Description

I would like to develop mobile application for iphone, android, blackberry, ipad and windows-mobile

The idea is a sever to client application:
- It's an application for a sport (football) news.
- the mobile application is the client while the server is like a website to feed the sport news. on other words, client ( the mobile app) get updated once the news has fed to the server.
- after someone download the application then he/she need to get subscribed in the service in order to receive the sport news.
- subscription is free for the first month then the subscriber will be notified to enter his/her billing information to continue receiving the updated sport news and the subscription will be renewed automatically every month after notifying the subscriber.
- the application should support English & Arabic language.

Skills: blackberry, ipad, windows-mobile, sports, football, billing, english