Custom made Web development


Job Description

A business that offers service at the user's location needs a team to develop a website that has following functionality:

1 - New user registration- User log in/log out -
2 - Username / ID/ password retrieval - update data
3 - Integrating these user data to a software database that runs on a server.
4 - Any data update by user automatically updates the software database.
5 - Service request form in a staged wizard style.
6 - Pre-authorisation of credit card /PayPal as last stage of service request and before confirmation of service.
7 - Confirmation of service request SMS to the user.
8 - Google map integration
9 - Planning the best route for the services from client A to B to C etc.
10 - The final route displayed on the driver's smartphone, tablet, etc.
11- Ability of service cancellation by user within certain terms and condition and route planner needs to re update itself to come up with the best route.

A brief is written to detail the requirements. Should you find yourself with the expertise, experience and the team member required for the job please email me your interest with list of similar scale website designed by you and I send you the brief.

Skills: security-testing