Organize Doc's

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Job Description

We buy debt that has a chain of ownership going all the way back to the issuing bank. Debt is often sold multiple times through its life prior to getting to us, thus the COT or Chain of Title is complex down to the individual account level. We just bought two files with roughly 300 accounts and I need the Chain of ownership organized to present to my clients.

Included is the pertinent information to the accounts we bought, a key of ownership to follow, and pdf copies of each Chain of ownership. I need someone to take each Chain of Ownership and organize them from start to finish. Basically, from the Issuer all the way to us.

I need someone to sift through the key and identify the Chain of titles on the individual account level and organize them for easy to follow and easy to find accessibility.

We purchased 286 total accounts, I need two people split down the middle. The one who does the best job gets my business moving forward for similar and other projects. The budget listed is per person.