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Job Description

I am Looking at Some One doing a Re-Design on my Blog, Here is what I am looking for:

1. I want a New Header Put on My Blog-Re-design so More Proffessional Looking

2. I want a Smaller Opt in Box-Currently its Website Traffic 101, I would like to change this.

3. I would Like to have a Middle Slider that Goes thru 5 slides Like this Site

4. I would like to have a Header Similiar to that site but Use my own Graphics and Pictures

5. I would like at the Top above the header 3 Nice Buttons that says HOME, Work with Ken, Coaching, Products and Contact

6. Then I would Like to have Categories as Follows:

Ninja Traffic Sources
With Sub Category: Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, CPA & Media Buying, Banner Advertising, Safelist

Then I would like another Category to be Kens Roledex and here I would like a page to look something like this:

Then a Category Hangout with Ken-This page Goes to a real Cool TV type page that goes to my Domain that I bought I want a Cool Cinema Page that looks just like being in a theatre

Next Category M.O.B.E then this will be tools and tips and tricks on Mobe inside here

Next Category would Be MLSP I would have a bunch of banners and stuff in here.

Last Category would be Pure Leveredge and coming soon

I would like 3-4 Banners on the Home page but a really cool re-designed opt in Box with something More Intriguing for them to Opt in.

I want all the Buttons Social Media to link where there suppose to go

I want the Blog Boxes where blogging is to be done more smaller with pictures

On the Right hand size I want 2-3 different banners and then a Cool Subscribe by RSS and Subscriber by email with the Connect me like this page:

But also what I want a Exit Pop up that comes to a screen that looks like this when they land on the blog a Opt in Box that looks like this one on this site:

I want some place to put my recent Photos like this site:

Then I want some where on the page a sponsors Sections that has place to put 6 banners like this page:

So I really Like this style of blog but dont want to copy it:

Skills: virtual-assistant-skills, graphics, coaching, facebook, twitter, pinterest, banner

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