Creating a Print Design Template for a direct mail print product

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Job Description

Hi, I need to have a template created for a direct mail product i am working on. I've attached a file to show you visually what it would look like, and i have more sample pictures/drawings.

The end result would be a simple template that i could then insert images into prior to going to print.

Several File types needed, included ones that work with; Adobe Indesign, MS Publisher, and Scribus, and others if available

The printed document would be 6 inches by 33 inches plus a 1/8 inch bleed margin all the way around. (template for back and front, 2 sides) I want the bleed lines to be visible on the document, but not print

From there, it is divided into three folding panels (kind of like a brochure) Those fold lines would be on the template, but wouldn't print. So, three panels on each side, for a total of 6 panels.

The remainder of the card would be divided up into even rectangles (see the pictures) Each of the 6 panels would have 8 rectangles with 1/8 divider lines.
The pictures i've included explain it better.

Basically, the only lines I want on the template that print are the green lines from my drawings, they would all be 1/8 thick. All of the other lines, bleed, folding, etc would be visible for template purposes but wouldn't print

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