Umbraco Skilled XSLT Developer Required - Umbraco V4.11.10

Umbraco Skilled XSLT Developer Required - Umbraco V4.11.10


Job Description

We have a number of existing clients all using the same structure of umbraco, we would like to create an Events section to the website.

This will require the creation of a series of document types, xslts, datatypes and templates.

Within the umbraco site tree we require the following structure:

Sub Location
Category i.e Culture, Festivals

The event may be a one offer event or it may be an ongoing event say every 2 weeks, or the 1st monday of a month or every friday 13th etc... We need the ability to schedule each event. Set an end date on the event.

On the front end / back office we should be able to view events by the calendar per day / week / month and easily add events by the calendar. The front end will have pages for each node so that people can browse via category.

Require suggest an event feature on the front end

Based on event status i.e. date passed, we should archive the event, this would keep the content on the site and keep a history of various events throughout the year.

We will require scripts to automatically create the macros used, these scripts must check to see if the data exists before executing and to create the templates used.

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