Freelance Designer

Freelance Designer


Job Description

We are in an Advertising and Media company. At the moment we are looking for a Freelancer Designer who can do a Brand Enhancement. Our client is ANTONIO, an Italian shoe brand, selling a unique traditional Emirati shoes (ALMINI IS PART OF IT). Please check the website for your kind reference;

Candidates must have the following:

Please see below the points to be considered:
1.) Consider (AND DEFINE) the audience for Antonio brand.
2.) Define the Brand personality.
3.) Create new branding guidelines to maintain consistency throughout Antonio shops, collaterals, and digital platforms.
4.) Create different brand colors for Antonio, each representing its product type.
5.) Decide on typography for their collateral (part of branding guidelines, please give them a corporate font).

1.) Redrawing of the logo (shape not to be changed)
2.) Business collaterals include:
a.) Business cards (standard size)
b.) a4 Letterhead (for both print and one in word document to be used for contracts and other official documents)
c.) Envelopes (DL & a4 size)
(Please prepare 3 design options for business card, letterhead and envelope. One design will be selected and other collaterals will follow the same the style
d.) Folder (with sleeve to hold documents)
e.) Registration cards (the Loyalty Program cards with barcode (as sample)).
f.) CD sticker & cover design
g.) Receipts
h.) Invoice
i.) Forms (Used in shops)
j.) Poster design (A3)
k.) Newspaper Ad design samples
l.) Shop - SIGNAGE Design
m.) Brochure (DL size, trifold) design option
n.) Categorized SHOE BOXES - Depending on different brand colors that you create.
o.) Shopping bag design of different sizes based on different categories/colors.

3.) Brand Colors - create different background colors or logo colors to represent different product categories or any categories, acting as the foundation for creating your branding guidelines. A different color to be recognized for Sales & Discounted items and the launch of a New Season.
4.) Uniforms - A uniform design for men and women to represent the Seriousness and Innovation of the Antonio brand.
5.) Gift Items/Give Away - Give Away or Gift items options to suit a SHOE BRAND.
6.) Power Point Presentation - Presentation layout to be used for B2B, B2C and Sales staff. For your LCD Screen website and social media.
7.) Social Media Page Layout - Artwork for Antonio FB, Twitter & Blog page (psd files/illustrator files) to be provided for the above.
8.) Website Design option - Just the design in psd/illustrator.
9.) Brand Book and CD - a brand book is a branding guidelines book, having all the design rules for the brand Antonio.

COMPETITORS: Private, Level
All the shoe maker dealing with classic & traditional shoes.