Graphic Designer for a start up company - SPECIALISTS ONLY

Graphic Designer for a start up company - SPECIALISTS ONLY


Job Description

You will be contracted to work with a young service driven digital media and marketing company based in Sydney - Australia. The company’s vision is to create and deliver cost effective digital marketing solutions for its clients (Australian Market). Unlike most of our competitors who operate under a high costs structure, we run a lean business. In order to do this we rely heavily on the proven skills of internationally based professionals. We believe that by cutting the fat, and bringing in skills on a project/contract basis that we can offer the best prices for our clients and offer greater rewards for our team.

Due to the expansion of the business we are currently looking for new professionals to bring into our network. If you are selected you can look forward to a lucrative long term relationship with us with regular work offerings. However, most importantly it will also give you the flexibility to work your day job or run your own business.

The ideal candidate will have good English, excellent interpersonal and communication skills. You will also have the flexibility to deliver projects on strict deadlines. You are independent and driven however you understand how to work within a scope and deliver to it. You must have a strong work ethic and pride yourself on high standards of work. As our business reputation hinges upon the quality of your work, those who are able to demonstrate the above will be greatly rewarded.


Visual problem solving.
Flexibility and creativity.
Be able to meet strict deadlines.
Strategic use of visuals and typography
Process-oriented design
Presentation and attention to detail
Advanced knowledge of Adobe Photoshop (CS4 and above)

Other areas of knowledge required but not compulsory:

Adobe InDesign
Adobe Creative Suite
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Office
Adobe Dreamweaver
Adobe Illustrator
Motion graphics
Microsoft Word
User interface design
Desktop publishing
Apple Macintosh OS
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Adobe Acrobat
Adobe Flash