Irrigation Design

Irrigation Design


Job Description

A specialist in Irrigation design, specifically Centre Pivot and Lateral move irritation system experience will be a big desirable. Please contact if you believe you can offer a background associated to these requirements.

The search for an improved utilization of agricultural irrigation water, which is critical in periods of scarcity, has led to a method to quantify its apportionment, in date and in volume, according to the water requirements of plants.
The management of on-field water application systems constitutes a complex problem which farmers are faced with daily. It is often an important bottleneck for efficient implementation and large-scale development of advanced irrigation scheduling practices.

To obtain sustainable water savings, it will be mandatory to require a minimum degree of technical quality for systems and to transfer to users a true mastery in managing water in on-farm irrigation systems, so enabling the water losses resulting from heterogeneity in the distribution of water to be controlled.