Research Assistant for Phd Candidate in Kinesiology and Fitness Entrepenuer


Job Description


I am a Phd candidate in Kinesiology and Exercise Science in the USA. My research focuses on the neurologic aspects of strength training and how to best activate muscles to improve performance and prevent injury. I also own an online fitness and training brand and will likely have jobs on that front as well.

I am looking for someone who is interested in the areas related to the Health and Fitness industry: examples include Exercise Science, Strength and Conditioning, Fitness, Nutrition, Kinesiology (Movement Science), Neuroscience or Biomechanics.

Job Description:

You will have access to cutting edge research in the areas of study mentioned above. This research is inaccessible to the general public, as it requires access to many of the top journals in the field; it usually will cost a few hundred dollars to subscribe to one journal.

It is important to me to work with someone who has a passion or even just an interest in the areas. There will be a lot of dense reading of research articles in this job and it is of great benefit to both parties if we share a common interest in the field. You will perform your job more efficiently and effectively if you are interested in the material. With that being said, as I am looking for efficient work of high quality, and I am willing to reward a quick turnaround on a job if the quality of the work is acceptable. I value the work that you can bring to my research and my business.

I will likely need to work with multiple people, as the workload is high and often has deadlines. I have consistent, long term work that will be available. All final candidates will be hired for a first job to see if you are a good fit for me personally, my research or my business. Although there are many qualified and skilled people, I am looking those who are the right fit.

Duties will include:
- Research of Health and Fitness related topics
- Reading and writing summaries of research papers/articles
- Compilation of references/bibliography

- Interested in the some aspect of the Health and Fitness industry
- MUST possess high level English reading and writing skill. (Note: I cannot afford the time to correct poor sentence structure or grammar.)
- Can read and understand scientific literature well enough to write summaries
- Thorough but succinct in reports
- Familiar with works cited and creating reference pages

- MS Word
- Evernote (optional)

Skills: writing, english, science, research, training