Full-Time Writer On Car Site

Full-Time Writer On Car Site


Job Description


We are in need of a writer who is experienced in writing articles in the CAR niche. Basically, there are 2 phases to the job: PAGE articles and POST articles.

PAGE ARTICLES -> Page articles are written for specific brands/models and are recommending readers to a certain supplier. An example would be a specific page for Chevrolet Avalanche. For the content, you should talk about it, its features and stuff and then a certain banner or affiliate links will be promoted as a way of redirected interested viewers there.

POST ARTICLES -> Post articles will be written AFTER the page articles are done. They will basically be about specific cars, in any brand. They will be: reviews, news, announcements and others.


1. Must have a good grasp in car terminologies.

2. The articles written must be in conversational style; speak to the readers and tell them about the topic accurately and without fillers.

3. Must be able to give out details easily about the cars and be well-versed enough to compare cars through and through (ex. this is actually similar to Ford's blah blah).

4. The articles must be at least 95% UNIQUE (5% allowance given for quotations etc.).

5. Must be knowledgeable when it comes to SEO's keyword density (preferred percentages will be given by the company).


1. Start with: "me like cars".

2. Include links or samples to your articles about cars.

3. Rate per article (articles will be 500 words more or less)

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