Mobile and web visual designer (iPhone app icon test project)

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Job Description

Designer needed for iPhone app icon design project. This project is likely a quickie. I have a rough version in Illustrator (see attached), but I’d like to hire a pro who can make it look more professional/polished. I’m open to other ideas beyond the one I’m proposing, but I know I’d also be happy with something based on what I already have.

If you are hired, I’ll tell you more about the app which might inspire more ideas. Please think of this initial project as a short test project (maybe even < 1 hour depending on how quickly we get a good icon) which could lead to additional design work on our website and mobile apps.

My hiring criteria:
top-notch design sensibilities
visual design experience for the web and mobile
excellent communication skills including spoken English
resident of North or South America. If we end up in a long-term contract, I’d like to find mutually agreeable windows of time during my work day (UTC -8; San Francisco) when we can collaborate.
reliable access to good online work tools including reliable, high-speed web access and skype
bonus: front-end web development skills

Please briefly answer the following questions in your application (1 sentence or less is fine for each):
* which design(s) in your portfolio best demonstrate your abilities as a visual
* designer for the web and/or mobile? (Please include links)
* what hours would you be available to collaborate with me in real-time?
* what tools do you use as a designer? (e.g., what software are your tools of choice?)
* how would you describe your skills as a web developer?

Thank you for your interest!

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