Histogram Android

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Job Description

I need a program based on Android that supports versions 2.2 to 4.2 (Jelly Bean).
The project has to be developed on Eclipse and delivered as an Eclipse project and as Android application, to be installed directly in an Android device.

The software has to be capable to make the next functions:

- Capture an image per second from the device camera or an external one (bluetooth, usb, etc) (you can optionally increase or decrease the lapse time, 05sec – 2sec)
- From the captured image, obtain the histogram with a 24 bits color depth, with grey values and basic RGB colors.
- The obtained meassures should be stored in a little data base for use in the future, we have to be able to select the concrete location manually.
- Anyone of these meassures can be defined as Base Line.
- Each new folder (histogram) has to be compared with the defined one as base line and has to deliver the diference as a variation percentage (%).
- The interface can be defined as you preffer, to make all these operations, as clear as possible.

Skills: android-development