Virtual Assistant for Graphic Design Business

Virtual Assistant for Graphic Design Business


Job Description

I have worked as a freelance designer for over 7 years. My business is successful and is currently in a position where I need help with the "left brained" side of things. I feel that my business services and design services will benefit greatly from a left brained yet creative thinker. You don't have to be creative but you do have to have appreciation and knowledge of the design world and the importance of design in business.

I need a jack of all trades at this point. If I can get things more organized and planned out I will have the capability to expand my design business. I'm not anal retentive, but you should be. You have to have experience in the admin side of the design or marketing field.

I need an assistant that can help me with the following areas:

What you're good at:
to help me get organized
create a work flow timeline for design projects
assign tasks to me dependent on timeline/client needs
stay on top of that timeline and hold me accountable so that I'm not
overwhelming myself but client needs are met.
send invoice for down payments
send invoices to clients on a scheduled basis
responding to clients and prospective clients
finding and setting up new client meetings
find potential new business
resell my design services
explore and research other areas to expand my business
(eventually) delegate some project needs to other contracted employees
write content for websites and social media platforms for my business and my
clients businesses.
offer suggestions on making the business better
marketing knowledge
list building

What I'm horrible at:
time management
and invoicing clients
responding to clients in a timely fashion